House of Commons passes motion to resurrect special committee on Canada-China relations

May 16, 2022
Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Michael Chong, Conservative Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, released the following statement regarding the adoption of a Conservative motion by the House of Commons to resurrect the special committee on Canada-China relations:
“Canadians of Chinese descent have made immeasurable contributions to Canada, and the people of China are part of an ancient civilization that has contributed much to humanity.
“But Beijing’s communist government continues to threaten and target pro-democracy and human rights advocates in the Chinese community here in Canada. Beijing’s communist leadership also poses a threat to Canada’s national interest and security, as well as to our values.
“In the last Parliament, the special committee did good work highlighting the challenges in the Canada-China relationship. That work will now continue in this Parliament.
“The committee has been empowered by the House of Commons to examine and review all aspects of the Canada-China relationship. The committee’s establishment takes place as we await the long-promised and overdue Indo-Pacific strategy from the Trudeau government.
“The committee will provide an opportunity to hear from experts so that Canada is better prepared to counter threats from autocratic regimes, and defend freedom and democracy. This is particularly important in light of the autocratic pact between China and Russia signed just ahead of the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has threatened rules-based international order.
“Conservatives believe that Canada needs to stand up for human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Conservatives believe the Trudeau government needs to take seriously the threat from authoritarian regimes, as recent events have made so starkly clear.”