Member of Parliament Pierre Paul-Hus will now monitor the Trudeau Government’s purchase contracts.




Quebec City, September 14, 2020 – Pierre Paul-Hus, the new Shadow Minister of Public Services and Procurement, wants to send a clear message to the government of Justin Trudeau to stop the mismanagement of public funds.

Already at work, in his new portfolio, MP Paul-Hus has begun the process of reviewing key areas of government procurement to ensure the process is fair and free from political partisanship and patronage. The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner is now investigating the Liberals and Canadians feel that several rules have been broken again as several cases seem to demonstrate it.

“Very recently, we saw the Trudeau government award a non-competitive contract of $900 million to the WE Charity. Not only it was a sole-source contract, but the Charity could not deliver its services in both official languages. Also, I want to make sure that all procurement related to the COVID-19 crisis, whether it is a follow-up on contracts granted to pharmaceutical companies that develop vaccines or on all procurement of medical equipment, are effective” said MP Paul-Hus.

The Conservative Party is sounding the alarm on the lack of accountability and transparency regarding spending programs implemented quickly and massively to help citizens. The Liberal government has spent over $ 180 billion on infrastructure projects to date and it cannot produce a complete list of projects that have received money. “As an Member of Parliament, I have a very clear vision of what the role of government should be. We are here to listen and serve Canadians, not the other way around. The Liberals seem to have forgotten that,” he added.

In addition, the review of major procurement projects such as the replacement of fighter jets and the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) are also part of his concerns. “I want to make sure the procurement process is improved to reduce costs for taxpayers, and I will work closely with the aerospace industry to create employment opportunities for Canadian workers.”

It’s true that this crisis has created a need for additional spending and investments, but this is no reason to recklessly squander public funds” concluded MP Pierre Paul-Hus.



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