Trudeau government attempts to cover-up sexual misconduct by threatening whistleblower




Trudeau government attempts to cover-up sexual misconduct by threatening whistleblower

March 8, 2021, Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Conservative Shadow Minister for National Defence, Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, and Leona Alleslev, MP for Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill, released the following statement on reports that a senior member of the Trudeau government threatened a Canadian Armed Forces member attempting to report allegations of sexual misconduct by the Chief of the Defence Staff:

“According to media reports, the Trudeau government has undertaken a coordinated campaign to threaten and silence a sexual misconduct whistleblower. This includes telling the whistleblower that if he told Canadians about allegations of sexual misconduct, his ‘career in the military would be over.’

“This is more evidence that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have gone to great lengths to cover-up allegations of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces.

“We ask a lot of the brave Canadian women who serve in our Armed Forces. In return, we have a duty to protect those who have sworn an oath to protect all of us. That’s why Conservatives will continue to search for answers and further expose this cover-up.

“Threatening a member of the Canadian Armed Forces to secure their silence is a clear and concerning abuse of power. The lengths that the Liberal government will go to in order to hide the truth from Canadians is appalling.

“That is why Conservatives are calling for an emergency meeting of the Defence Committee, so that we can understand the extent of this orchestrated cover-up.”


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