MP Pierre Paul-Hus’ Common Sense Bill Will Save Lives

Ottawa (Ontario) – Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Member of Parliament for Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles and Quebec Lieutenant for the Conservative Party of Canada, released the following statement regarding the second reading of his Bill C-325 on parole and house arrest:

“After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Liberal catch-and-release policies have made our streets more dangerous and our communities less safe. Violent crime is up 39 percent since 2015, and gang-related murders have doubled.

“Bill C-325 will help fix this and bring home safe streets again. This bill repeals certain elements of Bill C-5, passed by the Liberals, to prohibit dangerous, repeat, violent offenders from serving their sentences in the community.

“To combat the small number of repeat offenders who commit a disproportionate percentage of violent crimes, this bill also aims to strengthen penalties for violating release conditions. This common-sense bill responds to a unanimous motion of the Quebec National Assembly last February.

“Canadians deserve to feel safe, and Conservatives will not stop until the Liberal Government ends their policies that put dangerous criminals back into our communities.

“Only Conservatives will keep violent criminals off our streets and bring home safe streets again. It’s just common sense.”

MP Pierre Paul-Hus’ Common Sense Bill Will Save Lives