Liberals continue to withhold evidence from Mass Casualty Commission

July 7, 2022


Ottawa, ON — Raquel Dancho, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Safety, the Hon. Rob Moore, Conservative Shadow Minister for Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, released the following statement after the Mass Casualty Commission (MCC) made a new legal request for the Liberal government to provide evidence withheld from the inquiry:
“The last thing Canadians wanted or expected from their government was for it to leverage a national tragedy for political gain and then cover it up.
“This spring the Liberal government handed over 132 pages of notes from Nova Scotia RCMP Superintendent Darren Campbell, but initially withheld the four pages that implicate the Liberal government in its political interference scandal. These documents were initially subpoenaed by the MCC when the Liberal government was asked to provide all evidence related to the horrific Nova Scotia mass killing nearly a year ago.
“It’s difficult to believe Liberal Cabinet Minister David Lametti and the Department of Justice when they claim they left those pages out by accident.
“Today, the MCC has issued another subpoena demanding all documents related to this case, including three more pages of evidence the government continues to withhold following the MCC’s first subpoena issued a year ago. This raises the question, what information lies in these pages? What are the Liberals hiding? What is taking so long? How can Canadians trust that this government is being transparent and telling the truth when they continued to withhold evidence, even when subpoenaed by the MCC?
“Canadians deserve to see the full picture. The possibility of the Liberal government politically interfering in the worst mass murder in Canadian history erodes public trust in our important institutions.
“Conservatives are calling on the Liberal government to restore public trust and act swiftly on the MCC’s latest subpoena, provide all evidence without delay, and waive cabinet confidence of all documents related to this case. We are calling on all who were involved in this scandal, including the Minister of Justice David Lametti, the Public Safety Minister’s office, and the Prime Minister’s office to testify at the Public Safety committee and be held accountable for their actions.”