Liberals must put victims first after Supreme Court ruling


May 13, 2022

Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Rob Moore, Conservative Shadow Minister for Justice and Attorney General, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, released the following statement after the Supreme Court’s ruling today:

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a massive step backwards for victims’ rights in Canada.

“In essence, today’s ruling allows for extreme intoxication due to drugs or alcohol to be used as an excuse for murderers, abusers, and attackers. It is simply unconscionable that criminal behaviour can be excused because of the assailant’s own actions leading to their intoxication.

“This ruling provides no protection for innocent victims and creates a terrifying precedent for future cases. Simply put, this law is necessary to protect the victims – especially the women and children – that are disproportionately affected by violence.

“While we are disappointed with the Supreme Court’s ruling today, the legislative response to this must ensure that victims are put first. It is paramount that people are held responsible for their actions, and that inebriation is not used as a get out of jail free card.

“Conservatives will always stand with victims, defend their rights, and defend all Canadians rights to security and equality. We will continue to weigh options in response to the court’s ruling today and continue to urge the Liberals to put victims first.”