Pierre Paul-Hus is delighted with the addition of the Davie Shipyard to the National Shipbuilding Strategy

April 3, 2023
Quebec – The Liberal government is expected to announce tomorrow
the addition of the Davie Canada shipyard in Lévis to the National
Shipbuilding Strategy. Quebec MP and political lieutenant, Pierre
Paul-Hus, says he is relieved to see that the pressure the
Conservatives have been putting on the government over the past
few years is finally paying off.

A Brief History:
When the Liberal government came to power, Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau wanted to set aside the Davie shipyard for the construction
of the Asterix, a contract that had been awarded by the Conservatives
a few months earlier. Conservative MPs from the Quebec City region,
including Pierre Paul-Hus and Steven Blaney, had put pressure on
the government of the day to ensure that the Lévis shipyard would
keep the contract.

“Thanks to its expertise, the Davie shipyard was able to complete the
Asterix on time and within budget. This ship is now the pride of the
Canadian navy by carrying out more than a hundred supply
operations with some twenty allied countries,” said MP Pierre PaulHus in 2019.
In 2017 in the newspaper Le Soleil, Mr. Paul-Hus who was, at the
time, associate spokesman for defense had raised that the Davie had
succeeded in proving itself. “In addition, there are other projects that
could be (granted) later, such as icebreakers.”

Since 2015, Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus has been hammering
away in the House of Commons at the importance of introducing the
Davie Shipyard to the naval strategy. He has visited the site on
numerous occasions to show his support for the company in the
region and listen to their proposals and concerns. “I am truly pleased
and relieved that the government has finally listened to us. The Davie
Shipyard deserves its place since the new administration has taken
over and all the hard work will finally have paid off,” said the
Conservative Party of Canada’s political lieutenant for Quebec.